Trend towards warehouse automation.

November 28, 2017
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Warehouse Automation is transforming your industry landscape. No matter which industry you are in – manufacturing or retail, automotive or pharma – it’s important to be aware of how the current Warehouse Automation trend will affect your business. In 2017, 35% of warehouse professionals surveyed have revealed that they are investing more into automation technologies due to current economic trends. How can you gain competitive advantages in your supply chain through automation?
Watch our webinar “The trend towards warehouse automation” to gain valuable insight on key drivers for this trend and what it means for your organization. We’ll take a step back from the buzz and examine these three questions:
Why are a growing number of organizations choosing to automate?
We’ll examine the trend of growing customer expectations which are driving labor and land costs which are, in turn, driving the need for automation on a bigger scale than ever before.
What exactly does it mean to automate your warehouse?
We’ll discuss our two-dimensional framework of decision-making and goods-movement. Furthermore, we’ll explore the benefits and costs associated with each stage of automation, as well as their impact on your organization.
How should you manage Warehouse Automation?
Finally, we’ll review the technical side of automation: which technological layers do exist and need to be integrated, and the pros and cons of different approaches.

Keynote speakers

Practice Director Warehouse Management​

SAP EWM Consultant

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
1a1m (EST), 5pm (CET)
45 minutes

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