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SBN SAP Conference 2021

October 19-28, 2021
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The SBN 2021 SAP User Conference kicks off on October 19 with six days of virtual learning and knowledge sharing sessions. Professionals from the SAP community will share their expertise with live forums, customer use cases and keynote talks. Westernacher Consulting is a platinum sponsor of the event and will present on becoming carbon neutral with SAC and heightening customer experience through EWM solutions.

1st session  |  October 20, 2:35 – 3:10pm

How can SAC and Westernacher help you throttle your CO2 emissions and become carbon neutral?

With climate change as one of the substantial menaces of current times, companies ask themselves how they can become carbon neutral. As a consulting company constantly thriving for innovation and excellence and with a focus on solving our customers’ challenges, we came up with a solution that not only reduced our CO2 emissions but helped us become carbon neutral in record time. This is how we did it – and you can too.

Our experts Mark Mrosek, Dr. Russell Sadd and Dr. Oliver Blau will demonstrate how Westernacher contributes to combatting climate change with the help of the Westernacher CO2 Monitor. Join our session on October 20 to learn how you too can reduce your CO2 emissions and reach the goal of becoming carbon neutral in record time. Not in years, but months.

Your speakers.

Dr. Russell
Russell is a partner at Westernacher and Senior Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience in analytics, and a long chain of major project implementations behind him. In recent years, he has driven the implementation of cloud-based financial planning solutions that truly leverage the latest SAP in-memory technologies.

Practice Lead DACH Business Planning & Analytics, Westernacher Consulting

Mark is Practice Director Business Planning & Analytics at Westernacher with more than 10 years of experience in finance and analytics across a wide range of industries. He is lately focusing on SAP Analytics Cloud and is currently managing first-time customer implementations across three continents.

Practice Director Business Planning & Analytics, Westernacher Consulting

Dr. Oliver
Oliver is Director of Westernacher BMC GmbH (the German legal entity) and COO of the Westernacher Group. He has over 20 years of consulting experience, providing advice to senior management of Westernacher clients and guides top class global players through complex business reengineering and IT challenges.

Managing Director, Westernacher Consulting

2nd session  |  October 27, 1:10 – 1:45pm

Achieving the next level of customer Experience through innovations in EWM solutions and deployments.

The global pandemic has accelerated the shift from channel-driven customer fulfillments to providing customer experiences anywhere and at any time. At H&M, we understood that we needed to shift to omni warehouses using autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and artificial intelligence. And we needed a way to design, pilot, and rollout the new approach fast. We did the first two steps in only 10 months and are now in the process of productizing and rolling out our new solution. Learn how an agile project approach, a focused product team, and continuous enablement is driving innovations in customer fulfillment.

Your speakers.

Dr. Alexander
Global Supply Chain & IT leader with demonstrated ability to engage stakeholders across the value chain in implementing innovative solutions that lead to improved performance, cost reductions, and higher profits. Proven success in identifying hidden opportunities through detailed data analysis and multi-industry operations knowledge. Engaging with personnel on all levels to develop and execute feasible, yet impactful changes that produce transformative and lasting results.

Director of Supply Chain Strategy & Execution, Westernacher Consulting

Product Area Manager, H&M

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October 19-28, 2021

Virtual event

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