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September 03, 2019
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You will find competitive advantages everywhere in the supply chain. In a world where goods have a faster and faster turnaround and customers want to shop around the clock with just one click, speed and transparency are of the essence. Knowing at all times where your goods are, remaining deliverable at all times, avoiding bottlenecks and challenges before they arise. If you have all this in mind, you will also have your profits under control.
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Redesigning and implementing a new approach to supply chain planning at Vorwerk.
In this presentation we will explain how Vorwerk is redesigning and implementing a new approach to supply chain planning, harmonized across business divisions and geographies. Vorwerk is on a journey to expand into new markets and needs to be able to adapt its processes with an agile approach, focusing on a management-by-exception strategy using KPIs, alerts and task management. The goal of the implementation is to increase forecast accuracy, deliver on the promises and reduce supply chain costs.

Keynote speakers

Thomas Kappen
VP Supply Chain Management, Vorwerk

Lars Sondergaard
Global Practice Lead Planning & Analytics und Managing Partner, Westernacher
The SAP EWM in S/4HANA Implementation and its Success Story within Life Science Industry at CSL Behring.
Keynote speakers

Jonas Stummer
Business Process Expert Warehousing, CSL Behring

Frank Martin
Business Process Expert Warehousing, CSL Behring

Georgi Kasabov
Partner & SAP EWM Solution Architect, Westernacher

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SAP Info Day for Digital Supply Chain
September 03, 2019

Berne, Switzerland

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