Embrace complexity with SAP IBP.

September 21, 2017
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Enterprises today need to keep pace with a variety of changes and new requirements in their marketplace and evolve faster than ever. Many global supply chains are unprepared to face this world we are entering. A world where customers do not want to wait, but instead are demanding quicker development and delivery of new products and services. A world with an increasing amount of available data and the challenge of how to use the right information at the right time to make cost advantages and to manage product flows.
Supply chain managers, who are responsible for this core area, are now more than ever at the heart of a fundamental transformation. However, as much as this is a challenge, it can also be seen as a great opportunity. If supply chain managers change from cutting costs to establishing new processes and make corporations more connected and agile, they will be the ones creating value across their enterprises.
This change doesn’t happen overnight. It is more of an evolution and the journey of a maturing company. Let’s make the first step together and see which skills and mindset are needed to turn today’s supply chain challenges into real advantages for you and your company.

Shape your supply chain planning for today’s complex world. Get a first insight into what it takes.

  • Setting the right goals for the planning process
  • Investing in people
  • Defining global processes
  • Establishing a technology roadmap

How to embrace complexity in supply chain planning. Gain the necessary skills and understand the requirements in our webinar.

  • What today’s ideal planning process and supply chain structure should look like
  • What is the optimal change management approach, ensuring everybody is enthusiastic about the changes?
  • An overall perspective of the planning processes by SAP – covering S/4HANA, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC).

Keynote speakers

Lars is a Managing Partner at Westernacher Consulting. He is highly experienced in Supply Chain Planning and SAP Integrated Business Planning.
Managing Partner

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Thursday, September 21, 2017
11am (EST), 5pm (CET)
30 minutes

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