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Published on November 18, 2021 – Alexander Hero, Consultant Industry 4.0 at Westernacher

As we outlined in our previous blog post, the SAP Asset Manager is a dedicated solution for your maintenance execution team to track their daily work progress and manage individuals’ accountability. This article gives you a guide on how Westernacher can help you to achieve these business goals in a matter of 12 weeks with our top-notch expertise of implementing mobility solutions in asset management.

Get your SAP Asset Manager set up in just 12 weeks.

SAP Asset Manager is a lightweight and easy-to-implement solution as it is designed to be embedded into an existing operating asset management landscape where the fundamental data is maintained within the central ERP system.

SAP Asset Manager comes with core as well as extension capabilities. Its standard core component refers to generic plant maintenance processes required by most of the asset managing organizations to handle daily maintenance activities. Whereas it’s extension components are more industry or process specific solutions to manage concrete business processes.

In combination with our extensive expertise in the asset management area, Westernacher proposed a Time-to-Value solution where we pointed out how to implement the Asset Manager’s core functionalities in just 12 weeks. Our fixed time program will help you in adopting this change smoothly and brings maximum return on your assets by adhering to various delivery phases, from define scope, design, develop to hypercare support.

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Crew Management
Optimize the organization of your crew and vehicles
Field Operation Work
Display detailed routes for field workers on map and facilitate data recordings
Customer Service
Directly communicate with the customer to fulfill customer service orders
Meter Management
Manage the installation, removal and replacement of your meters and monitor their data outputs
Quality Management
Perform detailed quality inspections and record results
Asset Management
Integrate with Intelligent Asset Management solutions and access enriched master data, reliability checklists and real-time health data

This implementation will establish secure integration between mobile client and backend ERP system using Business Technology Platform (BTP) and cloud connector that allows bidirectional data exchange smoothly. It also covers setting up maintenance crew user profiles and extending existing security models configured in your backend ERP system. The solution will be further configured to define personalized work assignments at individual or at group level of technicians depending on your business needs. Be assured, with Westernacher it all comes with intuitive user experience and great performance results.

Any extension capabilities such as Asset Central, Crew Management, Meter Management, Quality Management, Field Operation Worker or Customer Service implementation require further discussion to understand your business requirements and estimation respectively.

Reach out to us to learn more about our T2V offering or if you want to know anything further on this topic.

What are the business benefits of implementing SAP Asset Manager?

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Enable visibility by tracking individual work status and accountability

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Improve decisions by maintaining data source with more real time and accurate information

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Improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost

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Improve durability of your assets by timely accessing assets and work insights

What are the features you get with our Asset Manager T2V solution?

SAP Asset Manager standard core component provides strength of work management including notification management, spare part management, time management, attachment handling and supervising review process. Its online and offline feature allows technicians and supervisors to view personalized work assignments and access work relevant information such as instructions, drawings, safety procedures, tools and spares maintained in the backend SAP ECC or S/4HANA system. Its Asset Management module allows you to view personalized list of assets and perform installation/dismantle functions using mobile application. Its offline capability makes this solution robust to capture more real-time and accurate information maintaining single source of data truth. Furthermore, it also allows technicians to access historical measurement readings from site and analyze  using charts to record new readings in single or mass format.

SAP Asset Manager not only simplifies your work execution, but also helps to reduce overall maintenance downtime by accessing maintenance backlogs and minimizing overheads of paperwork, travel time, and communication efficiently. This allows your technicians to spend more time pursuing their actual work to keep assets in shape and diminish maintenance costs.

Refer to our Asset Manager T2V flyer to learn about the in-depth features you get with our offering.

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